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    發布時間:2021-05-17  點擊次數:4  新聞來源:

    文獻名:Reversible regulation of enzyme-like activity of molybdenum disulfide quantum dots for colorimetric pharmaceutical analysis




    作者Juan Tana; Shiyue Wua; Qingqing Caia; Yi Wanga; Pu Zhangb

    a  Engineering Research Center for Biotechnology of Active Substances, Ministry of Education, Chongqing Key Laboratory of Green Synthesis and Applications, College of Chemistry, Chongqing Normal University, Chongqing, 401331, China

    b  Chongqing Research Center for Pharmaceutical Engineering, College of Pharmacy, Chongqing Medical University, Chongqing, 400016, P. R. China




    摘要:Regulating the catalytic activity of nanozymes is significant for their applications in various fields. Here, we demonstrate a new strategy to achieve reversible regulation of the nanozyme’s activity for sensing purpose. This strategy involves the use of zero-dimensional MoS2 quantum dots (MQDs) as the building blocks of nanozymes which display very weak peroxidase (POD)-like activity. Interestingly, such POD-like activity of the MQDs largely enhances in the presence of Fe3+ while diminishes with the addition of captopril thereafter. Further investigations identify the mechanism of Fe3+-mediated aggregation-induced enhancement of the POD-like activity and the inhibitory effect of captopril on the enhancement, which is highly dependent on their concentrations. Based on this finding, a colorimetric method for the detection of captopril is developed. This sensing approach exhibits the merits of simplicity, rapidness, reliability and low cost, which has been successfully applied in quality control of captopril in pharmaceutical products. Moreover, the present sensing platform allows smartphone read-out, which is promising to apply in point-of-care testing devices for clinical diagnosis and drug analysis.



    關鍵詞:nanozyme; aggregation; peroxidase; captopril; colorimetric detection; smartphone

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